Saturday, May 15, 2010


Wizard has a silly array of sounds that he makes. He grunts in bed when he gets comfy. He snorts on walks. He pretends to hiccup. He teeth chatters when I'm prepping food. I like to call his form of teeth chatter "motor-boating."
Turn up the volume to hear it:

I also catch him puffing his cheeks daily. It is a mild example in the video, but usually when he is laying down and does it, it is very audible.

Wizard is close to being a perfect dog. The only issue is that he cries/whines because he doesn't like the crate. I crate him everyday and he is vocal, but he doesn't poop or pee in there. If I leave him for more than 5 hours he does start to destroy his bedding. I have left him out of the crate as a test for 10 mins when I quickly ran to the gas station and he did perfect( he went and laid down on his bed the whole time without a peep)! I feel he would do great and be much happier out of the crate in a dog-proof home since he has not tried to destroy or eat anything, no counter surfing attempts and he has greyt potty habits.
I really love having him in the home, he is such a fun foster.

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  1. That motor boating is about the cutest thing ever. It reminds me of how our rat Feathers used to grind her teeth when we were getting her food ready.