Monday, March 29, 2010

Pet Store

We went on a socialization trip to the pet store this weekend and Wizard did greyt! At first he didn't like the slippery floor, but got used to it after a few minutes. He explored the whole place and loved getting pets from everybody. We also picked up a couple treats for him too :)

Checking out the Cats:

Wizard is a smart shopper(sorry about my silly giggle):

Check out:

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Day 5

Wizard is quickly learning about home life and is a joy to foster. He is perfectly house broken and has not had a single accident and holds it all night long. The first night with Wizard was a little rough; he would fall asleep and wake up anxious and pace the bedroom because he didn't know where he was. But by the second night he was able to sleep through the night with the help of a light and fan for some noise.

He is the easiest foster to teach how to use the stairs. After the second day he can go up and down on his own. He also gets along fantastically with the weimaraners. He has no space issues whatsoever with me or the hounds, is not afraid of new sights or sounds, lets me clean his ears, brush his teeth, brush his coat and clip his nails(have not tried the dremmel yet) without a single fuss.

The only thing Wizard needs to work on is being in his crate. Hopefully, he will learn to like it in there.

This boy is the biggest food hound ever. He loves to eat everything and will try to beg for my food. Silly boy.
A pet store just recently opened up in town so I will be taking him this weekend, so stay tuned for the report.

FYI, Wizard will not be running laps in the backyard because he has a old broken hock and is most likely not small animal safe.

Here is a vid of Wizard enjoying his first frozen kong, YummY!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Welcome Wizard

Our new foster Wizard is here! I picked him up earlier today and he is settling in nicely. He's so handsome and has been a complete gentleman. He is not shy at all and prefers to hang in the same room as us. Noise (baby gate falling, TV, music) does not bother him. He is a complete food hound and walks like a dream on lead. After all girl fosters (my husband's preference) we finally get a boy (my preference), so I'm very excited to be fostering Wizard.
He is too cute for words: