Thursday, April 29, 2010

Week 5

Wizard did not get adopted this past weekend. But two other hounds from NLGA went to their forever homes; one of them being Debbie! Good luck in your new home sweet girl.

Wizard loves to go for car rides. He gets super excited and his tail goes into helicopter mode. He is wonderful in the car and his favorite thing to do it stick his head out the window. His nose usually bends back and forth as he sniffs the breeze. Sorry the video is not the best, I was just guessing where to shoot because I kept my eye on the road. Also, he is secure in the back with a harness, so no worries.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

1 Month

Wizard has been here for 1 month and is doing greyt. He has settled in well, but has not played with any toys. He picked up a couple toys in the past month but would drop them right away. So I tried to entice him into playing yesterday and it worked! He was having a blast with a stuffing-less/squeaker-less snake. Most of the playing was not recorded because if I got up to grab the cam, he would've stopped playing to follow me. I did manage to get some footage at the tail end.

I think his personality is starting to come out because he also had his first zoom session in the house yesterday.

Wizard will be attending some adoption events this Friday and possibly Saturday. So keep your fingers and paws crossed for him to find his forever loving home.

Please help with a missing greyhound named Hannah. She is 55 lbs, brindle with a hot pink collar. She was last spotted in Chaska. Please do not chase but call 612-508-5465 or 612-310-0765. Here is a news story on her:

UPDATE: HANNAH WAS FOUND TODAY! YAY! She is in okay shape considering how far and long she has been running.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunbathing Sunday

It was a beautiful spring day; sunny, 68 degrees and no wind. Perfect day to catch some rays in the backyard.

As a comparison, how does a weimaraner sunbathe?



And how does Wizard sunbathe?

He does like to lay directly in the sun if it is cooler(especially in the house). Silly Wizard, what are you going to do when it hits 90?

Yesterday I clipped his nails again and decided to try out the dremel. When i applied it to his nails, he shot up and ran away... No big deal since he is very good about getting his nails cut the traditional way. He has super clear nails, so it is easy to avoid the quick.
I also ran the vacuum. He didn't like it too much and would get up to move away. He wasn't scared, just didn't want to be near it.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Velcro Dog

I can't believe Wizard has been with us for two weeks already. Time flies with this fun boy. He has completely settled in and is loving retired life. Wizard is so easy going and the weims adore him. It makes me wonder why he has not been snatched up already.

Wizard is not like any other greyhound I've fostered. All the others like to do their own thing, hang out and once in awhile check on me. Not Wizard. He likes to follow me around the house. When I get up to leave one room, he immediately gets up and is right behind me. Reminds me of my weims and their tendency to be velcro dogs.

So, who wants to snatch up this handsome, sweet, and well behaved boy?

Wizard's backyard pics this weekend: