Wednesday, April 21, 2010

1 Month

Wizard has been here for 1 month and is doing greyt. He has settled in well, but has not played with any toys. He picked up a couple toys in the past month but would drop them right away. So I tried to entice him into playing yesterday and it worked! He was having a blast with a stuffing-less/squeaker-less snake. Most of the playing was not recorded because if I got up to grab the cam, he would've stopped playing to follow me. I did manage to get some footage at the tail end.

I think his personality is starting to come out because he also had his first zoom session in the house yesterday.

Wizard will be attending some adoption events this Friday and possibly Saturday. So keep your fingers and paws crossed for him to find his forever loving home.

Please help with a missing greyhound named Hannah. She is 55 lbs, brindle with a hot pink collar. She was last spotted in Chaska. Please do not chase but call 612-508-5465 or 612-310-0765. Here is a news story on her:

UPDATE: HANNAH WAS FOUND TODAY! YAY! She is in okay shape considering how far and long she has been running.


  1. Our family is excited to meet Wizard and the other dogs tomorrow !

  2. What a sweetie! The event has taken place by now, hope it went well. Glad to hear about Hannah!