Saturday, May 22, 2010


Wizard found a new best friend in the house to play with. A green "Good Cuz". They squeak like crazy and I catch him playing with it all the time now. He absolutely loves them. Here he is with his Cuz:

Back on the kennel issue. I left Wizard out of the crate when I left the house twice this past week. Once for 20 mins and the other for 1 1/2 hours. He did AMAZING! Not a single peep out of him, he just went to the dog bed and laid down. What a perfect cutie.
He really loves life out of the kennel and has zero separation anxiety at all.
Some dogs are just happier out of the kennel; Lucy hated the kennel from day one and I raised her from an 8 week old pup! I forced the kennel for a year before I completely gave up and declared her the victor.

Those were just tests to see how he is outside of the kennel, I still kennel him(and feed in there) just in case his new owner wants to kennel him.
Wizard has been with me for 2 months and he has been an absolute gem.

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