Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bed Head

Wizard continues to come out of his shell and I've been catching him pick up toys several times a day. He only plays with it for a couple minutes though. I feel horrible that I don't have soft squeaker toys in the house, but the weims *cough* Lucy *cough* destroys every soft toy instantly... Even with that in mind, I decided to order some stuffing less toys for them (especially Wizard). Can't wait for the delivery.

Why do dogs like to sleep with their heads off of a comfy bed? Wizard is the master at this. These beds are huge(30X54) so there's plenty of room, and usually he's the only one on them since the weims prefer the couch.

There is a whole wall of dog beds in the bedroom, yet he still chooses to put his head on the ground.

And a non bed fail


  1. are you still thinking he isn't small animal safe or trainable? I've not owned a greyhound, though that will hopefully soon change, and I'm just wondering how that's it an interest level in the animal or something about their prey drive. Like I said, just wondering.

  2. Hi Brin,

    I was not the one who tested him, NLGA was the one that did. I don't have small dogs and don't know anybody with one for me to test him. Some greyhounds are small dog/cat safe, some aren't; it all depends on the individual dog.
    You could always bring your dog to the adoption meeting to see how Wizard does with your little dog. Many greyhounds can also learn to live with small dogs/cats with time, patience and a muzzle.

    Thanks for your interest. Please email me if you like.

  3. thanks for the info, just wondering since it said "probably". we have three cats so our hound would need to at least be trainable though i certainly don't mind having to work with one at that. thanks again for the quick response